Grenada 18

Pictures below in three separate galleries.  Look at them on a big screen if you can.

To get into the galleries, just click on the corresponding image. From here you can scroll through all the images and unless I have messed up you should be able to download them.  I would recommend downloading individually; there is an option to download them all but it will take forever and eat up disk space.

You can also start a fullscreen slideshow from within the gallery.  This is the best way to view the images. Just click on the play button at the top of the page or under individual images.  Slideshow controls should be fairly easy but look here if you are not sure.  Ihave also put a sideshow button under each gallery.  If you are on an iPhone, I have found Safari works best.

Each gallery also has a Back To Home button at the top and bottom of the page.  Click it to get back to this page.

I keep coming across additional images so I will drop them in as I find them.

Wedding Day

Barbie with Nik and Fiona


April 2019

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