How do I control Slideshows?


You will find slideshows on most pages.  They are a good way of displaying lots of content in a small space.  A small slideshow is included at the top of this page for you to experiment with.

Slideshows can be controlled via their associated buttons.  These buttons become visible when you hover your mouse pointer over the slideshow or in the case of mobile devices when you touch the slideshow.

The following is a short guide to using the controls.   

Reveal The Controls

When you mouse over the slideshow or, in the case of mobile devices, you touch the slideshow then 4 controls become visible.  

If the controls disappear then just move your mouse away from the slideshow and back again to make them reappear.

Stop and Start the Slideshow

Any slideshow can be paused and restarted via the play button in the bottom left-hand corner.  The button will be either in the play or paused state depending on the state of the slideshow.


Move forwards and Backwards within the Slideshow

The cursor controls can be used to move forwards and backwards within the slideshow.  Note the slideshow will be paused when you use the cursor controls.  You can then navigate through the slideshow manually and restart it whenever you want to.

Display the slideshow fullscreen

This is my favourite way to view slideshow.  If you click on the control in the bottom right-hand corner of the slideshow,it will takeover the whole screen.  This allows you to see images at their best.  

To exit fullscreen display mode, click on the control again.

Note that when in fullscreen mode, all the other controls work in the same way as described above.

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