Can I buy prints directly from the website?

Yes.  Professional quality prints and enlargements can be purchased and delivered directly to you.  

When an image is in its maximised state and you mouse over it you should see a BUY button in the bottom right-hand corner - see Figure 1.  If the button isn't there and you would like the ability to buy from the site then please get in touch.

If the button is available then click on it and select 'This Photo'.  

You should then be presented with a list of items to buy related to the selected image - see Figure 2.  

Paper Prints are the most likely thing you will want to buy. If you select this option you will then be offered a selection of print sizes organised into a number of different groups - see Figure 3.

 If you are not sure what you want then take a look at the related FAQ:  How do I know which print sizes to choose?

Figure 1

Untitled photo

Figure 2

Untitled photo

Figure 3

Untitled photo

If there is not a direct match between image and print sizes then you will have to think about cropping your image.  The site will help you through this.  Online help is available as you go through the process so I won't try to explain it here.  If you get stuck or you think things could be better explained then please send me an email.  

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