How Do I Download Image Files?

You will be able to download images from most of the galleries to which you have access.  

Note that downloading will not usually work on a smartphone or tablet; in this case the download icon will not be shown. 

Images can either be downloaded individually or in a single ZIP file.  

To download individual images:

1.  Go to your gallery.

2.  Mouse over an image so that the options icons appear beneath it (bottom right).  See the image below. 

Untitled photo

4. Click on the icon with the down arrow -  the 3rd icon in the image above.

Your image should now start downloading to your download folder.  

It is possible that for whatever reason, downloads have been disabled for your gallery.  In this case, the download icon will not be available.  If this is the situation for you, or if you have any other issues,  please get in touch.

To download all images:

Note that not all galleries will have the Download All option available.  

If you do want to do this, please remember that these will be quite large files; they might need a lot of disk space and could take a while to download. 

1.  Go to your gallery.

2.  At the top right hand corner (underneath the main navigation menu) there should be a row of buttons (see below).  Click on the Download All button.

Untitled photo

3.  Depending on the security setup for your gallery you will now be prompted for either an email address and password or just an email address.  The address will be used to send you a download link for your images. 

Hopefully that has all gone well for you.  If not, then please get in touch.

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