Working with QMU

I have tried to outline below the areas where I think I could best help you.  I believe a long-term relationship could potentially be good for both of us.  I would certainly relish the opportunity of working with you to help develop  how QMU represents itself through photography.   

Let me know what you think?

Event coverage

I think this area of  strength for my style of discreet, candid photography.  

I work with multiple small, high quality cameras and lenses.  There are two main advantages to these over traditional SLRs: people find them less intimidating and they are almost silent in operation.  They allow me to blend in to situations  and discreetly capture the atmosphere and spirit of your event.  At the same time I have the experience and confidence to jump in when opportunities present themselves.  There is a strapline there if I was better writer ... something about being both discreet and decisive. 

Below are a selection of images from my work with QMU; click on an image to see an enlargement.

Perhaps most importantly I think I have a good eye for the sort of arresting images that will garner attention for your event.  From my experience of QMU, you have multiple audiences for your photography.  Whether it is staff, students,  prospective students or journals they are all becoming increasingly sophisticated in their visual taste.  The competition to grab their attention is becoming ever fiercer.   You need strong, modern editorial imagery to help you stand out. 


There isn't always a clear separation between my event and portrait photography.   I would say that portraiture tends to be a bit more formal.  A striking image is always a combination of subject, lighting and composition.  Portraiture allows greater control of the lighting element than is typically possible with straight event photography.   I tend towards using small off-camera flashes to supplement natural light.  The effect of this can range from a slightly heightened reality to full-on studio style shots.   The great thing about using small flashes is just how mobile it makes you; it allows the rapid setup of impromptu studio spaces which I think could work well in QMU.   

All the images above are from my work with QMU. The majority combine natural light and off-camera flash. 


This is something that I really enjoy but we haven't really talked about too much.  This can be either pure architecture or architecture as a striking background background for people photography.  Visually QMU is a great space, I would love the opportunity to explore it.  

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