Lilidh, Hugh and Iona's Eighteenth

Happy Birthday to Lilidh Aveyard, Iona Ferguson and Hugh Brown.

Click on the gallery below to see the photos from their fabulous party at Eskmills in Musselburgh.   Click on an image to see an enlarged version of it and you can download from there.  Feel free to download for printing, Facebook, Instagram etc. If you are not sure how to download, see this article.

A couple of people have asked about buying prints through the site.  If you want to you can do that. These go through a professional lab (Loxley) and whilst they are not the cheapest, they are fantastic quality. If there are a few particular enlargements that you would like, they are a good option. If you are thinking about prints, do read the articles about print sizing and buying prints. You will need to know the aspect ratio of the photos and this should appear just underneath it as a ratio e.g 3:2, 5:4, 1:1 etc. The vast majority of these are in the 3:2 format which will give a standard print size of 6x4, an enlargement of 12x8, and a large enlargement of 24x16.

The Photos

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