Rukia's Mehndi

A few of my favourite images from my first Mehndi.  

I was lucky enough to be invited by Rukia to cover her Mehndi.  The colours and patterns were almost overwhelming in their richness.  The highly decorated Mehndi stage was the centre of the evening with family and friends joining Rukia on an ornate hardwood furniture to be photographed.  

Special thanks to Rukia's family (especially her sisters and uncle) who made me feel very welcome.

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Rukia's Entrance

Even though the colours are absolutely gorgeous, I think there is still a place for black and white photography even here.  The images below of Rukia and her entrance into the ceremony provide good examples.

Guests had started arriving at 6pm and Rukia made her entrance at about 7pm.  With failing light, a lot of the subsequent photography was done with on-camera bounce flash.  This is isn't really my thing but was absolutely required especially for the large groups such as this:

Improvised Studio Shots

Whilst I am not so keen on on-camera bounce flash, I do really enjoy flash photography if you have time to get the flash off camera and so have a chance of producing a decent quality of light.  I took this approach with the following images which I really like.  I used a small corner of the Mehndi stage as a backdrop and used a single reflected umbrella.  If I had had more room it would have been better if I could have setup a second fill light but I think I just about get away with it.

Unfortunately for me Rukia was rooted to the stage and so wasn't available to be photographed in this way.  I wish I had got more.

The ceremony was quite lengthy and proved a bit too much for some of the many younger guests!

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