Robbie 3

I am passionate about taking photographs of people that capture their character and personality.

Although strangers may think the perfect portrait is one where the subject is wreathed in broad smiles; friends and family often cherish one that reflects the real person they know and love.  Perhaps one of a teenager feeling a little self conscious, a toddler working out the world, a studious boy being studious or a pre-teen having a quiet moment. I try to take a range of photos but find that clients usually choose ones where the subject is ‘being themselves’ rather than brandishing an empty grin.

Natural or available  light is definitely my preferred lighting for producing natural looking portraits.  The majority of images you see here will be natural light images.  I do however also enjoy working with small flashes either to augment natural light or else as part of a portable studio setup.  As always my intention is to bring out real character rather than draw attention to an elaborate lighting setup.

As an example, the two shots below were taken outside, close to the subject's home.  A single portable light was used so that we were not completely dependent on the changeable and largely uninspiring natural light.   

I think the end result is a simple, authentic portrait.  

Depending on your reasons for the portrait it might be that a studio approach would be better.  The image below was intended to be used as part of a professional online presence  (social media etc.).  It suited a more controlled, neutral lighting that was best achieved with studio lighting.

There will be many possible reasons for you requiring a portrait. If what you have seen here makes you think I am the right person to do this for you, then please get in touch.

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